The 7 Stages of the SEO Cycle

A well planned, specifically targeted SEO strategy can be one of the most effective business development tools at any company's disposal. Those familiar with the process of properly optimizing a company's web site to improve their search engine ranking takes time and attention. Below are the interlinked stages through which all proper digital marketing strategies pass, with a major focus on webmaster maintenance processes that come afterward.

1. Optimization

All of the processes and procedures involved in fully optimizing a web site to rank as highly as possible in search engine ranking pages, thereby increasing the reach of the business through effective digital marketing.

2. Action!

Having managed to give the option of visiting your site to as many people as possible, the next stage is to entice those potential visitors to actually visit your site. In order to do so, the initial copy the user sees should be intriguing, alluring and should ideally include a call to action.

3. The Not Quite the End Result

Having increased the amount of traffic to a web site, the next stage is to turn those extra visitors into customers. If you are a web design company based in Birmingham and you have managed to attract a visitor to your site using the keyword web design Birmingham, but they happen to be looking for T shirts with a web pattern design that are sold in Birmingham, they are highly unlikely to end up using your service. Once they have found your site, you want them to get their wallet out, ultimately.

4. Recycle Recycle Recycle

Using careful analysis and thoughtful interpretation, results can be improved by producing more targeted reach. If through analysis it is determined that reach metrics have increased but there has been corresponding increase in actions, then it is probable that the company's target audience needs to be targeted more specifically. It is worth paying as much attention as possible to all the data that can possibly be gathered in order to hone in on the exact requirements of those people searching web design Birmingham in order to give them exactly what they are looking for.

5. One Thing Leads to Another

By producing more targeted reach, more qualified visitors are attracted to your site.

6. And So On...

Because the visitors to your site are more qualified, they are more likely to take the actions that are desired and which were the original aim of the digital marketing strategy.

7. And So On...

The more desirable actions that are taken by the more qualified visitors that were attracted to your web site via your more targeted reach, yields better results, which, in turn, provides you more focused data to analyze and begin the process again.